This audiowalk will take you right across Moabit. It follows the deportation route from the site of the former synagogue, which was misappropriated as a collection camp, to the goods station, from which around 30,000 Jews were deported to concentration camps and ghettos.

This is how it works:
You can download the audiowalk completely to your smartphone or tablet and listen wherever you want.
You can listen to the sections one by one when walking along the route.
Also, you can read section by section.

Our thanks go to all  who supported the realization of this project:

Demokratie in der Mitte – For financing the audiowalk.

Will Firth – He guided professionally through the walk.

Penny Salter – For the spoken female quotations

Dave Kelly – For the spoken male quotations

Gwen Jones – She gave the quotes a particular sentiment

Daniel Bussenius – He corrected the english translation

Grant Kelly – He did the last corrections of the english version

Clarinet player Thorsten Müller for interludes

Otto Kückmann – Recording voices, editing and implementation to WordPress pagees

All of them provided work and capacities free of charge. Thank you!

Also we would like to thank  WOGE-Design for the website and Sarah Contini-Frank for the illustrations.